Steam and Energy Systems (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2012.

Based in Gaborone, it is the only company in Botswana with competent knowledge regarding
industrial steam and compressed air for - designs, audits, recommendations and maintenance plans.

Steam and Energy Systems (Pty) Ltd has found that steam is the most neglected
energy form in Botswana, if not Africa. If energy is not utilized efficiently, the losses are immense.


Steam and Energy Systems (Pty) Ltd supplies it's customers with proper knowledge on using and managing their energy, resources and utilities efficiently. The knowledge is shared to empower and uplift the local skills in Botswana, steering industries to become more aware of their losses. Steam and Energy Systems (Pty) Ltd guides it's customers to incorporate 21st century technology in the industry. When losses become profits, it generates economic competitiveness.


By implementing the monitoring and management of Botswana's energy, resources and utilities we can move toward an eco-friendly and coal free future in the industry. Until energy and resources are not managed, local manufacturing will not be sustainable.


When limiting one's losses it creates a cost effective and eco-friendly industry. It starts today.